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Introducing the Crossword Solver Community Forum

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: the Crossword Solver Community Forum. This new addition aims to bring crossword enthusiasts together to share tips, tricks, and strategies for solving even the most challenging puzzles. Why a Community Forum? While our database is extensive and continually updated, we recognize the value of human expertise and the joy of collaborative problem-solving. The forum serves as a platform where users can post unsolved clues, offer solutions, and discuss various crossword-related topics. We are in the early stages of this exciting new feature, and we have plans to integrate it with our existing services. Soon, you'll be able to directly link forum discussions to specific clues in our database, making the solving process even more seamless. We hope you enjoy this new feature as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. Happy solving!

How Crossword Solver works?

Our Crossword Puzzle Solver is built around simplicity to help you solve those tricky clues in the game. All you require to do is enter clues in the input field and click Find Answers and our database will find hints and answers based on the pattern you have specified.

You may also filter your search based on letter count. We support American, British style, general knowledge and cryptic crossword puzzles from popular sites such as LA Times, The NY Times, USA Today, The Guardian, Daily Celebrity.

New partnership: Crossword Solver and SkyVu Entertainment join forces

We are pleased to announce that and the Online mobile gaming platform SkyVu Entertainment, the renowned mobile game developer, have entered into an exciting new partnership.

Our mission at Crossword Solver has always been to help you with your daily crossword puzzles and improve your overall language skills. Now, with this new partnership, we can go one step further.

SkyVu Entertainment, known for its popular mobile games like "Battle Bears Gold" and its impressive 24 million app downloads, brings its expertise in game development to this partnership. Together, we plan to add game-like elements to our puzzle database to make solving crossword puzzles even more fun and interactive.

We're looking forward to the exciting times ahead, and can't wait to show you what we've got in the works.

What we offer?

Are you looking for a good everyday help for your crossword puzzles? Then you have found what you were looking for: We offer a huge database of online mobile words for thousands of types of crosswords.

Maybe you know the problem. You are looking for a certain word to enter into the crossword box on the Internet or in the daily newspaper. But you just can't find the solution, or you already have an idea but not the final result.

That's where our database comes into play. You can enter single words or even whole phrases. Fresh for the puzzle summer 2023, we have given this cloud a makeover and now present the finished product. Simply enter the corresponding word in the upper cell and get started right away. The filter is also new and can now finally be tested outside of the internal beta phase.

You are not a puzzle fan at all? No problem. You can also use our website as a lookup tool for synonyms and antonyms. Either way, you can improve your everyday life and ask our website for help anytime.

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